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Dedicated Grants

Dedicated projects are those that through board action and donor direction are funded every year. In 2021 a total of $436,766 was distributed. 5% of the corpus of the accounts is distributed on an annual basis.

Dedicated Projects for 2021

Pastoral Endowment – Through a generous gift the Board of Directors established the Pastoral Endowment and this year $156,994 was provided to contribute to the cost of our pastoral team.

Vicar Endowment – Established several years ago the Vicar Endowment provided $51,461 to the congregation to support the cost of the Vicar program. The current balance in the account is just over $1,200,000.

Missions – Two donor designated gifts provide ongoing support for Mission work. These gifts provided $17,593 in resources as our congregation reaches out to share How Beautiful it is to Live with Jesus!

Student Aid – A number of families have contributed to ongoing support for those preparing for ministry at our seminaries and universities. Together they provided $26,485 to the Student Aid Fund for the annual distribution.

School Family Aid – Every year there are families that are challenged to meet the cost of sending their children to St. Lorenz Lutheran School. In some cases it is due to multiple children in a family in others it is a loss of a job or other sources of income. lies. This year $1,719 was made available.

Communications/Operating/Caring Ministry – Each year this donor’s gifts are equally divided into three areas. Communications – including the broadcast of our services, the congregational Operating Fund, and Caring Ministries through Stephen Ministries are provided support. This year at total of $68,649 was made available.

Educational Enhancement Fund – This fund was established through a donor's gift to assist our called workers with ongoing educational experiences and opportunities to enrich a worker's professional experiences and to support their teaching and preaching activities.

Health Insurance Support – The cost of health insurance continues to rise. This fund provides resources to assist Pastors and Teachers who retired from St. Lorenz. This year $397 was distributed.

Music Fund - This relatively new fund has been established to support music ministries at St. Lorenz. Distributed amount this year was $341.

Church Maintenance Fund - ​This account was established in 2016 to provide resources to help maintain our church properties. This year $1,583 was distributed.