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Board Grants

Twice a year our congregation submits grant requests to St. Lorenz Foundation for support.  The Planned Giving and Estate Planning Committee reviews each grant request and prepares a recommendation for the Board of Directors action.  During calendar year 2021 the St. Lorenz Foundation Board of Directors approved 32 grants totaling $480,450.  Here is a listing of the grants;

Air Conditioning Study - This grant will provide funds for a professional engineering and architectural study to determine the feasibility and scope of a project to air-condition the church. The study will examine all aspecs of the project, including the need for addtional insulation, impact on our stained-glass windows and organ and other installation questions. Amount granted: $25,000

Bat Exclusion Work at the St. Lorenz Museum - The St. Lorenz Heritage Committee and the Commission for Physical Properties have become aware of an issue with the presence of bats and bat droppings in the museum building. A licensed contractor must be used to safely exclude the bats and prevent their re-entry. Amount granted: $2,000

Childcare Program Sleeping Equipment Replacement - To remain compliant with licensing requirements, it is necessary to replace the Childcre Programs sleeping equipment. Crib mattresses and sleeping cots will be upgraded. Amount granted: $4,500

Churchgrove Master Plan - This grant will provide the resources to study our Churchgrove Park to update the Master Plan. It will adress the campsites, roadways and any potential changes to the buildings to allow additional use by families and organizations. Amount granted: $10,000

Bathroom Renovation - This grant will provide resources to begin the process of upgrading the original individual bathrooms in the 19S0's portion of the St. Lorenz School building. Two or three of the 14 bathrooms will be remodeled. Amount granted: $10,000

Bringing People Back to Church - This grant will provide the Comunications team with resources to provide awareness that it is safe to return to church and to share the benefits of worship with our members and others. Amount granted: $10,000

Childcare Program Equipment - The childcare Program has been in operation for 14 years. This grant will replace and update original equipment that is either broken or worn out. Amount granted: $11,000

Connect Worship Intern Program - Our Concordia Universities in Irvine, California and Ann Arbor Michigan, offer programs for Worship Arts and Music. Interns are available to congregations to provide onsite experiences for the students. This grant will provide funds to begin this program at St. Lorenz. Amount granted: $5,000

Connect Equipment upgrades - This grant will provide the funds to upgrade software and equipment used for worship and media services and will provide equipment used by the many volunteer musicians. Amount granted: $12,500

Connect Worship Volunteer Resources - Connect Worship is highly volunteer­driven. This grant will provide resources to help train and support the volunteers. Access to online training and continued educational resources would be provided. Amount granted: $4,800

Consultant for Governance - The St. Lorenz governance structure is a hybrid of policy-based governance. A consultant would be used to recommend changes that would provide clarity of tasks for our commissions and provide an updated organi ational structure.
Amount granted:$10,000

Consultant for Vision/Member Engagement - The Five-Two Ministries team will bring its program designed to involve members in vision-casting and member engagement. Amount granted: $10,000

Discipleship Grant (Year Three)- In 2019, the Foundation approved a three­ year grant to support staff working to develop discipleship and to work with our teachers and faculty. This is the final year of support. Amount granted: $22,000

Early Childhood Entrance - This grant will allow the installation of an entrance area that is protected from the weather and the installation of a handicapped accessible entrance device on the Early Childhood doors. Amount granted: $14,000

Environmental Education - This grant provides the resources for an environmental educator to support St. Lorenz School students and staff. Amount granted: $15,000

Family Ministry Events Map - This request will place additional emphasis on Family Ministry, seeking to intentionally establish a stronger partnership with our congregation's families and children. This grant will allow the hosting of specific events and will provide devotional resources to our families. Amount Granted: $9,900

Flexible Seating - Current research and onsite experimentation have demonstrated the value of flexible seating in the classroom. This seating update will encourage collaboration and student participation. Amount granted: $16,000

Immigration Lawyer Services/Moving Support - This grant will help support moving expenses retated to transitioning our new German teacher to Frankenmuth. It also will provide funding for the appropriated visa. Amount granted: $19,250

Media Computer Updates - This grant will provide updates to the computers used in the church sanctuary and worship center, which are used for programming channel 191 content as well as for content creation. Amount granted: $10,000

Ministry in Action - This grant will fund the development of large format images of our members engaged in ministry in a variety of roles. The pictures will be placed around our facilities, illustrating the many opportunities to be engaged in ministry. Amount granted: $6,000

Music and Movement for Little Learners - This grant is to assist in developing a self-sustaining Music and Movement Program for infants through preschool children. This program will support parents as they guide their children during these formative years. Amount granted $15,000