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Board Grants

Each year the Board of Directors receives grant requests from both St. Lorenz Lutheran Church and from St. Lorenz Lutheran School. The Foundation considers each request and awards grants based on available funds. The Board Grants for 2018 are as follows:

TEC21 is a professional development program that gives teachers the opportunity to grow their effective use of technology as a learning and teaching tool in the classroom. This grant provides funding for teachers' participation in regional workshops.  Amount Granted: $3,000

School Security Video Surveillance - Our school has a video surveillance system to assist in identifying inappropriate behavior as well as securing our facility.  This grant allows extension of the system to areas not previously covered.  Amount granted: $10,000

Church Office Business Evaluation and Office Manage Transition- Our church office strives to meet the needs of our members as well as support our pastors and cogregational leaders.  This grant provides resources to evaluate the office operation and assist in the transition to a new office manager.  Amount granted: $35,000​

Comprehensive Security Assessment - Recent attacks at places of worship and at schools make it necessary to address building and program security.  This grant provides funding for a security consultant to review our programs and make recommendations for adjustments to our current policies and practices.  Amount granted: $12,500

Comprehensive Background checks - As a licensed childcare facility, it is necessary to have all workers fingerprinted and screened by the State of Michigan's selected vendor.  While there will be ongoing costs as workers change, this grant provides funds to pay for the initial screening necessary for compliance.  Amount granted: $3,705

Upgrade to Pastors' Wireless Microphones - The FCC made changes to its frequency allocations, making it necessary to change our microphones to a new frequency.  This grant allows for the upgrade of the microphones.  Amount granted: $11,000

Security Video Surveillance System for Church Exterior - Securing our building and property continues to be an important task.  This grant provides funds to extend video surveillance capabilities to include the church parking lot and building exterior.  Amount granted: $11,000​

Valley Luthan High School Scholarships - St. Lorenz helps our members attending Valley Lutheran High School.  This support is provided through both the congregation's funds and Foundation grants.  Amount granted: $9,775

Room 202 Remodeling - Room 202 is a conference room that serves many organizations in the congregation and school.  This grant provides updates for the room, including fresh paint, drywall and wood trim, as well as furniture.  Amount granted: $5,000​

Childcare Classroom Management System and Enhanced Learning - Parents of childcare-aged students welcome and encourage regular communication with the school.  This grant provides funds for a program called Tadpoles, a platform for two-way interaction.  This grant supports the installation of the program, as well as iPad mobile digittal devices for use with the program.  Amount granted: $19,500

School Learning Management System - This grant provides resources for the development of a Learning Management System for our school, including instructional design as well as curriculum management.  Amount granted: $32,000

St. Lorenz Church Stained Glass Restoration - There are 12 stained glass windows in the balcony of the church requiring restoration.  Amount granted: $20,850​

Environmental Education Program - This grant provides the resources for a part-time naturalist to offer outdoor education programs to our students.  By making use of the Churchgrove and area resources, students gain an appreciation for God's creation.  Amount granted: $15,000

Transportation for Clio Students - approximately 30 students from the Clio area attend St. Lorenz.  This grant provides funding to assist with their t5ransportation.  Amount granted: $2,500

Classroom set of iPad Mobil Digital Devices for 1st Grade - Our school added a classroom this year and has increased the use of iPad mobile digital devices for student learning activities.  This grant provides funds for replacing depreciated equipment and providing for the new classroom.  Amount granted: $15,000

Instructional Technology Coach - Our school has received the services of a part-time Instructional Technology Coach in recent years.  The coach provides classroom support for teachers as they integrate technology into the instructional process.  Amount granted: $35,000

Deaconess Intern - A deaconess intern assists our congregation by serving as our Sunday School Superintendent, visiting nursing homes and working with focused women's Bible study classes. ​ The intern also assists with the children's minstry program at the Franklin Avenue Mission.   Amount granted: $6,000

National LCMS youth Gathering - The LCMS is hosting its National Lutheran Youth Gathering in Minneapolis in 2019.  This grant assists the estimated 25 youths and five chaperones planning to attend. Amount granted: $10,000

175th Anniversary Celebration - St. Lorenz is celebrating its 175th Anniversary in 2020.  This grant will be used to help fund special speakers during the celebration year.  Plans call for returning vicars, musical groups and nationally known speakers.  Amount granted: $35,000

Congregation Vision-Setting Process Support - The Ministry Council requested funds to have a consultant assist congregation leaders in developing a Vision and direction for 2020 and beyond.  Amount granted: $10,000

Kitchen Improvements at the Rock - The St. Lorenz "Rock" building is used by our youth program as well as many other organizations.  This grant helps fund remodeling of the building's kitchen facilities.  Amount granted: $15,000​

Small Group Bible Study - This grant provides video and print resources to support the "Joining Jesus on His Mission" small group Bible study program.  Amount granted: $5,000